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10 Fans Who Look Like Celebs

It is said that there are seven people all over the world who share common face life your. They are not your or our twin, they are just lookalikes. When you are no one like me meeting and getting them in contact is almost impossible. But the case is different for the celebs as they can meet their lookalikes if they want to as their faces are very popular. Meet the 10 such celebs with their lookalikes in this list.

1. Justin Bieber / Toby Sheldon


We don’t know how 33 years old Toby Sheldon looked like before he spent more than $100,000 don various plastic surgeries in the last 5 years to look like Justin. After spending all those money, Toby still do not completely like Justin but to some extent has the resemblance. To look like much younger Justin, Toby transplanted hair, fixed sanctuaries with Botox and even decreased his whiskers and changed the state of his eyes. However what more fascinating is that, the man who has spent that huge money to look like Justin doesn’t even knows a single song of him.


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