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10 Celebs Who Went To Jail

Going jail is bad. No matter what the crime be. Small or big, for a very short time or for years, going jail is taken as a bad concept anywhere in the world. People who go to jail are bad. Not necessarily though. Here we’ve got the list of 10 talented celebs that went to jail once in their lifetime.

1. Matthew McConaughey


There is no better way to kick start this list with one of the most talented actor Hollywood has to offer. Very talented and Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughay went to jail in the 90s. Finding it hard to believe, well! Believe it. Matthew went to jail when his neighbor complained in the police for playing boisterous music. When police came, they found Matthew stripped and moving around the room playing bongos. Police charged him for medication ownership and spent 9 hours in a cell where he made his cell mate to sing along with him.

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