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9 Celebrities Who Are Ridiculously Over Qualified

1. Wladimir Klistchko


Conceived in Kazakhstan and battling for Ukraine,this great looking hunk has been in the news on account of his VIP wife Hayden Panettiere. In any case, little peoples realize that this previous best on the planet in four distinct alliances and Olympic gold medalist is likewise a PhD holder.He was recompensed this prestigious degree in 2001 from Kiev college for his doctoral exposition in games science. Dr Steelhammer interestingly likewise has a brother,Vitali who additionally happens to hold PhD and is nicknamed Dr. Ironfist. On walk 29,2012 in a beneficent closeout Klistschko sold his olympic gold decoration for 1 million just to be returned in appreciation. Presently unquestionably he is a man meriting the top spot.


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